A note to the Players: Part of the fun of this game is the world is defined – in the most part – through play. While certain elements will need to be prepared during adventure creation for the most part the game will take life around the game table.

Players don’t forget to get a picture for your PC this is a handy resource for doing just that.

Game Style: Sword and Sorcery, meets High Medieval, transitioning into Renaissance. That is the Common-Land major cities (e.g. Isaleaire )are Renaissance, the surrounding baronies are high Medieval (e.g. Seaton) as is most of Aessenttia, the rest of the Fallen Empire, and the Sunrise Lands. The rest of the worlds cultures are pure swords and sorcery with the exception of Atlantis which is a high magic, decedent, high-fantasy, dystopia.

Home to the hundred thousand Gods, the lands of the Fallen Empire (aka the one time ‘Ascendent Empire’) the Eastern Sunrise Lands and across the western seas the Untamed Lands.

Its a setting more feudal then your typical egalitarian D&D setting. As a result social-class is important, however it is less ridged then a true feudal system. Essentially there is a recognition in the main culture of a mans merit so if one can contribute significantly noble status can be bestowed. Additionally there is also a cultural bias towards the “Virtuous Vagabond” aka the “Adventurous Explorer”, very much like the “WuXia” in Chinese folk lore or the “Gunfighter” of the fictional American wild west.

The map of Ayerth is quite similar to a renaissance map of our own Earth. The geography is essentially similar in most important ways. However this is

  • a) Not Earth
  • b) Is a Mythic and magical world
  • c) Is populated by new cultures, peoples and monsters
  • d) Owes a lot to Howard’s Hyboria, Grimm’s Tales, Last of the Mohicans and Journey to the West aka “Monkey”.
  • e) Is “smaller” due to the “Stone Ways” – magical Menhir which provide access to the Tellurian-tunnels and fast travel to other Menhir sights, if the right chart-scrolls are possessed
  • f) There are three main adventure “areas” – the Americas land mass know as the Untamed Lands, Asia as the Sunrise Lands and the “Common-Lands” which is essentially Europe.

So far the game has been situated in the Common-Lands and in the equivalent of southern France in the nation of Aessenttia (think Charlemagne’s Holy roman empire) – Aessenttia is the “remains” of the Ascendent Empire.

The nearest capital city is Isaleaire

The characters are in a small town down the coast going by the name of Sandypoint.

The Stones of Ayerth

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