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The Characters know they are all regarded as “Common-landers” (essentially a European type content with a number of cultures) from the common lands.

The Rafike live to the south across the waters and the dominant Rafike culture the “Omaedin” invaded the southern Common-lands. In the far south of Great Rafik live the Bantanu in the Ivory towers.

To the North are the Skandic nations – The Einheir and Oesir also know as the Dreadane Skandia is a region, the Einheir and Oesir are essentially tribes and the Dreadane is a culture common to these people.

To the North west are the Varden hardened barbarians of the Conan, Fafard mien

To the far north east are the Ruskar

To the far East are the Sunset lands home to the Sunset Horde which many years ago invaded the Common-Lands on horse back and caused the Empire to fall.

Three towns lay between Isileair and Sandypoint, one of which is Seaton

Seaton is the seat of the Baron Valith and he has a castle here

The Pirate nation of Freeport exists far out off the coast

Further out and in more southern latitudes is Atlantis

The Gods are known as the Hundred Thousand
The groupings/pantheons among the Gods are:
The Lords of Light
The Night Lords
The Mad Gods
The Elder Gods
The Spiritsof House and hearth,
The Ancestor Spirits
The Greater Elemental Lords
Mother Nature
All Father
The Malignance

Time keeping in the Common-Lands

Atlantian Coinage in the Common-Lands

Main Page

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